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2 min readApr 29, 2022


We have recently partnered with EPNS or Ethereum Push Notification Service team, who are working on sending push notifications to users. This is a major pain point for the web3 ecosystem currently.

In this quick update, we are going to run down what exactly EPNS offers, its main features, and how Symphony’s YOLO users can leverage EPNS.

Let’s Start.

About EPNS

EPNS is building the world’s first open communication layer for the Web3 ecosystem, first for Ethereum and then for L2s and other blockchains.

The protocol enables any smart contracts, dApps, or traditional servers to send notifications tied to the wallet addresses of a user in a platform-agnostic fashion (ie: notifications can be integrated and shown on any crypto wallet, or mobile apps, extension, or dApps).


Symphony and EPNS have partnered recently, and have just made live a unique feature that lets you know when your limit orders get filled on YOLO.

With the EPNS integration, YOLO orders placed when fulfilled will trigger EPNS to send you a notification. We want our users to feel more secure in the wild west world of DeFi.

EPNS has pioneered the process of providing traders with an opportunity to be quick with their trades while at the same time not requiring you to be 24*7 online.

If you are wondering how to get started with EPNS with YOLO, watch this.

About Symphony

Symphony is a DEX trader’s one-stop destination in which you could trade cryptos just as you do on CEXs like Binance, Coinbase, etc. We revolutionized limit orders by combining them with yield farming, in YOLO our flagship product. To put it simply, you earn a safe yield while you wait for your orders to be filled at your desired price. Yes! you heard that right!

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That’s it for now, I will be back with another article soon. Take care till then, GO YOLO! #DefiMultiTasking