Limit Orders in DeFi: Intuitive Approach To Age-Old Tool

Limit Orders: A Missing Link

  1. Active Trader — Is always online, always doing DeFi things, swaps manually, and preferably a market order.
  2. Passive Trader — Is researching, loves the easy way centralized exchanges handle trades.

Limit Orders — Opportunities

Symphony and YOLO:

  1. Select the input asset.
  2. Select an output asset.
  3. Set the limit price according to your needs and enter the input amount. If the market price is higher than the limit price, the order will be fulfilled instantly.
  4. Accept the input asset via the wallet.
  5. You can also choose to put in a stop-loss. If the price goes below that threshold, the order will be filled.
  6. To create the order, click the confirm button on your Web3 wallet.
  7. That’s it, now sit back and enjoy the yield and orders being filled just like in CEXs.



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