New Events and Community Plans

Symphony Finance
3 min readJun 8, 2022


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GM Fam,

Celebration done. Integrations going on at a fast pace. AMAs scheduled. But what’s new for our community?

In this blog, I am going to cover what we have planned for y’all.

New Events

As the market sentiments are changing, and we are set in for a short to medium-term red market, users are bound to have diminishing interests in several crypto projects.

But not us. And you know why?

Us being the one-of-a-kind protocol has empowered several people to buy that dip that CT always talked about lol. Jk 😅

Having said that, we are planning on different events along with the addition of several new plans to engage and grow our community.

We have also partnered with Galaxy recently to bring some of these events to life:

To give a quick rundown of what we are planning:

  1. We are planning to have regular community calls to meet n’ greet new members as well as discuss the next steps on what we need to move up the ladder.
  2. Bi-weekly events with bounties to get together and get through these times stronger.
  3. Trading wars
  4. *Ahem ahem* NFTs

New Roles

We haven’t had new roles for so long, and we finally decided to change that.

From now on we will be having 2 new roles on our Discord.

  1. Beamers: Based on the MEE6 bot ranks and above and invite tracker ranks, you’ll be eligible if you are an active member who regularly engages with other members.
  2. Tremblers: The real deal, the dankest of dank memers, the raiders. We need you to spread Symphony’sand the mission that we embarked on in a good way via different social media sites. And BTW we are always down to reward every quality effort ;)

However we have deployed sleeper cells, and those found guilty of gaming the system will be disqualified from having any roles — any future event rewards.

That’s it for now, we will continue to bring in more events and more co-marketing activities.

Wrapping up with one last announcement: An alpha is in the works, be ready.

About Symphony

Symphony’s DEX is a trader’s one-stop destination where you can trade cryptos just as you do on CEXs like Binance, Coinbase, etc. We revolutionized limit orders by combining them with yield farming. To put it simply, you earn a safe yield while you wait for your orders to be filled at your desired price. Yes! you heard that right!

Have you tried out our dapp yet? If you haven’t, head over to

We also invite you over to our discord server, come and be a part of the exciting future that we are building — Discord

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And lastly, please share this with your crypto bros and hoes. We’re really excited to help empower the whole Web3 on a huge scale.

That’s it for now, I will be back with another article soon. Take care till then!