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3 min readJun 28, 2022


Today we’re excited to announce that Symphony DEX will officially launch on Optimism Mainnet in the coming days 🎉

We have decided to deploy on Optimism due to huge demand from our community and users. This deployment has been possible due to the hard work and dedication of the Symphony core team. This also marks the beginning of a new journey for us in the Ethereum land ❤️

Symphony DEX

Symphony DEX is a novel yield-optimized trading protocol. It allows you to buy or sell tokens more capital efficiently than ever. Your trades keep earning yield on safe protocols till they execute 🤯

Yield Optimized Trades 💸

Every time you trade on Symphony DEX your orders earn yield. These yields are auto-compounded and paid out when the order is executed. This makes the protocol more capital efficient than existing exchanges. Imagine Yield farming + trading combined into one like notes combining to make a melodious symphony 🎵

Limit & Stoploss Orders 💱

Limit & Stop Loss orders are currently available. The limit order lets you maximize profits by timing top. While the Stop Loss orders are essential for hedging the volatility risk of crypto assets. Stop Loss orders can also be used to buy the dip.

Meta DEX Aggregatooor 🧙🏼‍♂️

Liquidity is aggregated across the network with the help of DEX aggregators like Paraswap ❤️

How does that help?
Trades are executed at the best price with tight slippage. This also means that the orders are filled as soon as the price hits the set limit or stop-loss.

The DEX has been live on Avalanche & Polygon for some time now. There have been minor bugs but overall the protocol has been working well in production to date. It is still early days for the project so the current deployment only integrates with safe and battle-tested protocols to generate yield.

But Why Optimism?

Our community indeed answers the question of why Optimism?
However, Optimism opens up a huge array of possibilities for our DEX.

Optimism is an EVM-compatible Ethereum scaling solution that allows significantly increased adoption of our Symphony DEX at a fraction of the cost while keeping Ethereum’s security and decentralization benefits.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts if you have used Symphony! Please let us know what you think about us here -> Feedback

BTW Where would you like to see Symphony deployed next? Let us know!

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