Symphony DEX Update #3

Symphony DEX upgrades:

Persist user input data on Reload:

Exchange Settings:

  • During trading, users can access settings related to exchange in the top right section (gear ⚙️ icon) of the exchange view. In the future, any newly added setting can be accessed in this section.
  • Price Denomination Toggle: In Exchange Settings, the user can switch between denominations showing it is an advanced option.

UI/UX Improvements:

  • The entire Symphony DEX interface has been updated with more vibrant and distinctive colors to improve visibility and usability.
  • Added new UI elements to help users easily navigate.

Autofill Limit Price:

Feedback from our community member

Order Execution Info:

App Settings Section:

About page:

Walkthrough for new users:

Mobile Interface Optimizations:

Auto wallet switch to connected network:

About Symphony



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