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2 min readApr 11, 2022



We have recently partnered with Paraswap, one of the best DEX aggregators in Decentralized Finance.

In this quick update, we are going to run down what exactly Paraswap offers, its main features, and how Symphony’s YOLO and Paraswap benefit from each other.

Let’s Start.

About Paraswap

ParaSwap provides a simple, fast, and secure DEX liquidity aggregation solution on blockchains like Polygon, Avalanche, etc. It aggregates liquidity from multiple decentralized exchanges to provide the best prices.

So, when you go to ParaSwap to check the price of a specific token, ParaSwap searches all of the decentralized exchanges that accept this pair to get the best possible rates for you. Sometimes, getting the best rate for your trade may even need splitting your order.

Partnership Offerings

Symphony and Paraswap have partnered recently, and have just made live a unique feature that takes the liquidity aggregation that we offered to the next level.

With the Paraswap integration, YOLO orders placed by the users will be filled in a flash, tackling one of the major problems faced by DEX traders.

Paraswap has pioneered the process of providing traders with an opportunity to buy an asset at the best price in the decentralized markets, hence it’ll be greatly beneficial for YOLO users.

We recently talked about what the integration means to us and our future plans in general in a recent AMA with the Paraswap team, if you missed it you can read the highlights here:

Paraswap doesn’t provide limit orders yet. So Paraswap UI can directly integrate with YOLO to provide limit & stop-loss orders to their users. This can be a possible integration in the future.

About Symphony

Symphony is a DEX trader’s one-stop destination in which you could trade cryptos just as you do on CEXs like Binance, Coinbase, etc. We revolutionized limit orders by combining them with yield farming, in YOLO our flagship product. To put it simply, you earn a safe yield while you wait for your orders to be filled at your desired price. Yes! you heard that right!

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That’s it for now, I will be back with another article soon. Take care till then, happy trading with YOLO!