Symphony x Zapper

Symphony Finance
3 min readMay 24, 2022


We are happy to announce that we have integrated Zapper with Symphony’s Limit / Stop-loss orders (YOLO) 🎉

YOLO users will now be able to track their orders & total value deposited on Symphony. This integration was requested by our community members and users, and like always we delivered 😎

How did we develop this integration?

The Zapper team has recently developed a module called Studio. It allows any protocol to integrate with Zapper in a permission-less manner.

Symphony’s pull request:

The step-by-step tutorial is very informative for the devs to easily understand Studio. One can use any source of data on-chain or off-chain including contract, thegraph, or custom API to display user position or balance on Zapper. Recipes and the helper function make life even easier. I really liked the permissionless way to integrate any protocol. The team is really fast in reviewing and merging the PRs. Kudos to the whole Zapper team 🎉

- Kakashi, Founder at Symphony Finance

How to use this integration?

  1. Connect your wallet with the Zapper Dashboard or type your ENS or wallet address into the search bar on the web or the iOS app.
  2. Once that’s done, you’ll see your wallet and protocol funds.
  3. If you have open YOLO orders on Symphony, then you’ll also be able to see Symphony among other protocols.
  4. You’ll see something similar to the above image, i.e you’ll be able to see all the order assets.

Note: If you have multiple orders open with a single token (or should I say chad catching multiple dips/selling multiple tops) then you will see the combined total balance.

Eg: If you have 3 orders opened for USDC with amounts of $100, $500, and $200 then you will see a USDC Order of $800.

About Zapper

Zapper is an asset management platform for web3, with a mission to make web3 accessible and easy to use for everyone. They work towards this mission by:

  • Providing a dashboard from which users can track and exchange more than 3000 digital assets.
  • Helping builders and developers from across the web3 reach as many users as possible by integrating their protocols with their dashboard.
  • Creating and sharing educational resources on Zapper Learn to help demystify the complexities of cryptocurrencies and web3 for newcomers.

About Symphony

Symphony’s YOLO is a DEX trader’s one-stop destination in which you could trade cryptos just as you do on CEXs like Binance, Coinbase, etc. We revolutionized limit orders by combining them with yield farming, in YOLO our flagship product. To put it simply, you earn a safe yield while you wait for your orders to be filled at your desired price. Yes! you heard that right!

Have you tried out our dapp yet? If you haven’t, head over to

We also invite you over to our discord server, come and be a part of the exciting future that we are building —

That’s it for now, I will be back with another article soon. Take care till then, happy trading with YOLO!