YOLO V2 is Live!

  • Auto-compounding extra rewards. For eg: QI and AVAX rewards on BenQi strategy.
  • Adjust the execution fee paid to the executor on order execution. Now large order creators will pay considerably lesser execution fees for the order execution.
  • Polygon → Aave Strategy — Base APY + Compounded WMATIC
  • Avalanche → Aave Strategy — Base APY + Compounded WAVAX
  • Avalanche → BenQi Strategy— Base APY + Compounded QI & WAVAX

How does it work?

  1. Tokens are deposited in the protocol at the time of order creation.
  2. These tokens are deposited to yield generating strategy after a fixed time interval by the “Rebalancer”.
  3. The order is executed automatically when the limit price or stop-loss price matches with the market price on supported DEXes.
  4. The user gets the output/buy token in its wallet or any wallet along with the yield and extra rewards (auto compounded).

Testing Event


  • More decentralized YOLO.
  • Auto compounded rewards.
  • Better incentives and no gas wars for executors.
  • Gas optimizations.
  • Adjustable execution fee and less protocol fee.
  • Better UI.



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